Al Jolson

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

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  1. Al Jolson 1912 Ragging The Baby To Sleep
  2. Al Jolson 1916 11 27 Every Little While
  3. Al Jolson 1916 Down Where The Swanee River Flows
  4. Al Jolson 1916 Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night
  5. Al Jolson 1916 Youre A Dangerous Girl
  6. Al Jolson 1918 Hello Central Give Me No Mans Land
  7. Al Jolson 1919 Ive Got My Captain Working For Me Now
  8. Al Jolson 1920 01 09 That Wonderful Kid From Madrid
  9. Al Jolson 1920 Swanee
  10. Al Jolson 1924 Mr Radio Man
  11. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Lucky In The Rain
  12. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Mother Mccree
  13. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Old Man River
  14. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Peggy Lee Singin The Blues
  15. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Red Red Robin
  16. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Rock A Bye Your Baby
  17. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Say It Isnt So
  18. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Sittin On Top Of The World
  19. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch Sweet Sixteen
  20. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch They Didnt Believe Me
  21. Al Jolson 1948 Lou Brig Orch When Day Is Done
  22. Al Jolson All Alone 1924
  23. Al Jolson April Showers 1932
  24. Al Jolson At Peace With The World 1926
  25. Al Jolson Avalon
  26. Al Jolson Back In Your Own Backyard 1928
  27. Al Jolson Blue River 1927
  28. Al Jolson California Here I Come 1924
  29. Al Jolson Chloe
  30. Al Jolson Dirty Hands Dirty Face 1928
  31. Al Jolson Feeling The Way I Do 1924
  32. Al Jolson Follow The Swallow 1924
  33. Al Jolson Four Walls 1928
  34. Al Jolson Golden Gate 1928
  35. Al Jolson Hallelujah Im A Bum 1932
  36. Al Jolson Hello Central Give Me No Mans Land
  37. Al Jolson Hellotucky 1924
  38. Al Jolson Here I Am 1926
  39. Al Jolson I Gave Her That
  40. Al Jolson I Wonder Whats Become Of Sally 1924
  41. Al Jolson I Wonder Why She Kept On Saying Si Si Si Si Senor
  42. Al Jolson Ill Say She Does
  43. Al Jolson Im All Bound Round With the Mason Dixon Line
  44. Al Jolson Im Goin South 1925
  45. Al Jolson Im In Seventh Heaven 1929
  46. Al Jolson Im Sitting On Top Of The World 1925
  47. Al Jolson Ive Got My Captain Working For Me Now
  48. Al Jolson Lazy 1924
  49. Al Jolson Let Me Sing And Im Happy 1930
  50. Al Jolson Little Pal 1929
  51. Al Jolson Liza 1929
  52. Al Jolson Liza
  53. Al Jolson Looking At You 1930
  54. Al Jolson Mandalay 1924
  55. Al Jolson Miami 1924
  56. Al Jolson Mother Of Mine I Still Have You 1927
  57. Al Jolson Mr Radio Man 1924
  58. Al Jolson My Mammy 1928
  59. Al Jolson My Papa Doesnt Two Time No Time 1924
  60. Al Jolson My Yellow Jacket Girl
  61. Al Jolson N Everything
  62. Al Jolson Never Again 1924
  63. Al Jolson Old Man River 1928
  64. Al Jolson On the Road to Calais
  65. Al Jolson One Sweet Kiss 1929
  66. Al Jolson Pray For Sunshine
  67. Al Jolson Pullman Porters Parade
  68. Al Jolson Ragging the Baby to Sleep
  69. Al Jolson Revival Day
  70. Al Jolson Rock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 1932
  71. Al Jolson Rock A Bye Your Baby
  72. Al Jolson Rum Tum Tiddle
  73. Al Jolson Sister Susies Sewing for Soldiers
  74. Al Jolson Snap Your Fingers
  75. Al Jolson Some Beautiful Morning
  76. Al Jolson Sonny Boy 1928
  77. Al Jolson Sonny Boy
  78. Al Jolson Steppin Out 1924
  79. Al Jolson Tell That to the Marines
  80. Al Jolson That Haunting Melody
  81. Al Jolson That Little German Band
  82. Al Jolson That Lovin Traumerei
  83. Al Jolson The Cantor 1932
  84. Al Jolson The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else 1924
  85. Al Jolson The Spaniard that Blighted My Life
  86. Al Jolson Theres a Lump of Sugar Down in Dixie
  87. Al Jolson Theres A Rainbow Round My Shoulder 1928
  88. Al Jolson Theres A Rainbow Round My Shoulder
  89. Al Jolson To My Mammy 1930
  90. Al Jolson Tomorrow Is Another Day 1930 Unreleased Brunswick Recording
  91. Al Jolson Tonights My Night With Baby 1926
  92. Al Jolson Troubles A Bubble 1925
  93. Al Jolson Used To You 1929
  94. Al Jolson When the Grown up Ladies Act like Babies
  95. Al Jolson When The Little Red Roses Get The Blues For You 1930An
  96. Al Jolson When the Red Red Robin Come Bob Bob Bobbin Along
  97. Al Jolson When The Red Red Robin Comes Bob bob bobbin Along 1926
  98. Al Jolson Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night
  99. Al Jolson Who Played Poker With Pocohontas
  100. Al Jolson Who Wants A Bad Little Boy 1924
  101. Al Jolson Why Cant You 1929
  102. Al Jolson Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
  103. Al Jolson You Aint Heard Nothing Yet
  104. Al Jolson You Flew Away From The Nest 1925
  105. Al Jolson You Forgot To Remember 1925
  106. Al Jolson You Made Me Love You



Asa Yoelson was born on May 26, 1886 in Seredzius Lithuania and died October 23, 1950. He emigrated to the United States with his family when he was five years old. Bob Dylan once said of him that he was “somebody whose life I can feel.” In 1911 he was hired by J.J. Shubert for the Broadway musical comedy La Belle Paree in the Winter Garden theater, and by the end of the first month he was the star of the show. By 1920 Al Jolson was the hottest star on Broadway. In 1921 Lee Shubert built a new theater across from Central Park and named it Jolson's Fifty-Ninth Street Theater. In the 1930's he was the highest paid entertainer in the world. He starred in the first talking motion picture from Warner Brothers in 1927 The Jazz Singer. He spoke the first spoken words in the first full length talking motion picture, stunning the audience when they heard him say, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet...” He was the first known entertainer to involve the audience in his brash, over the top style. He had runways built that went from the stage down the center aisle deep into the audience and he enjoyed running down the aisle and singing next to the audience.

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