Ginny Simms

Ginny Sims

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  1. Ginny Simms 1945 12 28 Guest Frank Sinatra
  2. Ginny Simms 1946 01 04 First Song One More Dream
  3. Ginny Simms Aint Misbehavin 1943
  4. Ginny Simms Cary Grant Youre The Top
  5. Ginny Simms Come To Baby Do 1946
  6. Ginny Simms Command Performance 1942 08 30 Cary Grant
  7. Ginny Simms Command Performance 1944 07 26 Fred Allen Jack Benny Rochester
  8. Ginny Simms Command Performance 1945 02 22 Danny Thomas Dick Haymes
  9. Ginny Simms Cuddle Up A Little Closer 1945 2
  10. Ginny Simms Cuddle Up A Little Closer 1945
  11. Ginny Simms Edgar Bergan Charley Mccarthy 1942 06 28 Walter Brennan Abbott Costello
  12. Ginny Simms How Deep Is The Ocean 1946
  13. Ginny Simms I Heard You Cried Last Night 1943
  14. Ginny Simms Ill Walk Alone 1944
  15. Ginny Simms In The Blue Of The Evening 1943
  16. Ginny Simms In The Still Of The Night 1945
  17. Ginny Simms It Could Happen To You 1944
  18. Ginny Simms Its Been A Long Long Time 1945
  19. Ginny Simms Lulaby Of Broadway 1944
  20. Ginny Simms Mail Call 1944 09 27 Jimmy Durante
  21. Ginny Simms My Devotion 1943
  22. Ginny Simms Saint Louis Blues 1943
  23. Ginny Simms Saturday Night Is The Lonliest Night Of The Year 1945
  24. Ginny Simms Somebody Loves Me 1943
  25. Ginny Simms Theres Going To Be A Great Day 1943
  26. Ginny Simms Time Waits For No One 1944
  27. Ginny Simms Time Waits ForNoOne1944 (2)
  28. Ginny Simms Walkin By The River
  29. Ginny Simms When They Begin The Beguine 1945
  30. Ginny Simms Wish You Were Waiting For Me 1944
  31. Ginny Simms Youd Be So Nice To Come Home To 1943
  32. Kay Kyser Ginny Simms Deep Purple
  33. Kay Kyser Ginny Simms Gotta Be This Or That
  34. Kay Kyser Ginny Simms Ish Kabibble Harry Babbit Sully Mason Three Little Fishies
  35. Kay Kyser Ginny Simms Music Maestro Please 1938
  36. Kay Kyser Ginny Simms There Goes That Song Again
  37. Kay Kyser Ginny Simms With The Wind And The Rain
  38. Kay Kyser Ginny Simms You You Darling
  39. Kay Kyser Harry Babbit Ginny Simms Chatterbox
  40. Kay Kyser Harry Babbit Ginny Simms Indian Summer
  41. Kay Kyser Harry Babbit Ginny Simms Jack Martin Max Williams Ferry boat Serenade
  42. Kay Kyser Harry Babbit Ginny Simms Jack Martin Max Williams Til Reveille 1941
  43. Kay Kyser Harry Babbit Ginny Simms The Tinkle Song 1939
  44. Kay Kyser Harry Babbit Ginny Simms Why Dont We Do This More Often 1941



Ginny was singing at a nightclub in San Francisco when big bandleader Kay Kyser heard her and hired her as the lead singer for his band. Her ambition took her away from his band a few years later and she began appearing in motion pictures. During World War II she spent much of her time entertaining for the troops. By 1951 she left the entertainment industry and became interested in interior decorating and helped her first husband, Hyatt Dehn, decorate the Hyatt Hotel chain that he created.

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